Scientific departments

The Institute is represented by 13 scientific departments and 7 laboratories

Department of Cell Regulatory Mechanisms
Founded in 1969
Head Vitaliy A. Kordium,
Corresponding Member of NASU and Acad. Med. Sci. of Ukraine
Department of Cell Signal Systems
Founded in 1973
Head - Valeriy V. Filonenko,

Department of Translation Mechanisms of Genetic Information
Founded in 1978
Head Anna V. Elskaya
Member of NASU
Department of Molecular Genetics
Founded in 1978
Head Gennadiy D. Telegeev, Dr.Sci.
Department of Human Genetics
Founded in 1980
Head Lyubov L. Lukash, Dr.Sci.
Department of Molecular Oncogenetics
Founded in 1982
Head Volodymyr I. Kashuba, Dr.Sci.
Department of Cell Population Genetics
Founded in 1989
Head Victor A. Kunakh, Corresponding Member of NASU
Department of Protein Synthesis Enzymology
Founded in 1989
Head Mykhailo A. Tukalo, Member of NASU
  • Laboratory of Instrumental Research Methods
    Head - Iryna O. Blyum, Ph.D. (Mol. Biol.)
Department of Molecular and Quantum Biophysics
Founded in 1990
Head Dmytro M. Hovorun,
Corresponding Member of NASU
Department of Functional Genomics
Founded in 1992
Head Alla V. Rynditch, Corresponding Member of NASU
Department of Synthetic Bioregulators
Founded in 1998
Head Igor Ya. Dubey, Dr.Sci.
Department of Protein Engineering and Bioinformatics
Founded in 2001
Head Olexander I. Kornelyuk,
Corresponding Member of NASU
Department of Medical Chemistry
Founded in 2003
Head Sergiy M. Yarmolyuk, Dr.Sci.