Department of Scientific and Technical Information


Olga V. Korzh

Tel: (380-44) 526-11-29; (380-44) 200-03-54
Fax (380-44) 526-07-59;

laboratory of management and innovations

Department of Scientific and Technical Information was founded in 1973.

The Department’s activities are focused on the following tasks:

  • Scientific and technical information, regulatory and normative documentation supply;
  • State Registration of the IMBG NASU research projects;
  • Dissemination of the information on IMBG NASU activities and propositions for collaboration with local and foreign scientific, business and non–governmental organizations;
  • Distribution of the information flows inside and outside the institute;
  • Organization of the conferences, seminars, exhibitions, meetings, etc., including international ones;
  • IMBG NASU web site support.